Monday, February 4, 2013

Moiez Remixes Avicii & Cazzette

I will start off by saying that the Cazzette original version of this track is not my favorite, but I do recognize its critical acclaim and popularity out there these days. I actually think Moiez's version is better than the original here and I think the guy definitely deserves a chance to win the At Night Management remix competition and to meet the Cazzette crew. Take a listen to Moiez's trance remix of Weapon, focusing on the incredible vocals in this track. If you like what you hear, then vote for Moiez to get a chance to further his career and meet the Cazzette crew. I voted for him!

The post for this remix will be a little bit shorter since he has not entered into any contests for this one, at least that I know about. I was around 0% surprised when I saw a Moiez remix of this track pop up on my SoundCloud feed because I have a feeling that Avicii has had some influence on this guy's (as well as many others') music as it is. He leaves a lot of what Avicii did intact, but added a little Moiez flare here and there to make it his own. Worth a listen here folks. Hope you enjoy!

- TD O_o

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