Sunday, September 9, 2012

Clockwork - Titan (Moiez Remix)

The Vancouver product, Moiez, comes out with another awesome track here with his remix of Titan. I must admit, I lost track of this guy after listening to (and LOVING) his original mix, You Only Live Once. While the title of the track was very unoriginal, I really liked the music and I DEFINITELY recommend checking that post out here.

Moving on, Moiez's remix of Titan puts, as he calls it, a "progressive house spin" on the original. I really enjoyed listening to this track and I definitely think it is worth a listen for all of y'all. Support this guy if you like what you hear, he has been making music for over two years now and he continues to get better with time.

Take a listen to the Moiez Remix of Titan below and enjoy!

Connect with Moiez:

- TD O_o

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